Monday, August 1, 2011

Wooden letters

I find myself having a hankering for giant wooden letters. This may seem strange, but I like words and pretty fonts and it seems like a great decoration for a home without being too in-your-face or preppy (monograms have been vetoed by my other half)! Now, I seem to find lots of companies in the states, but there aren't too many in my neck of the woods, and the letters themselves seem to be rather pricey. So what do I do? Search the net for handy DIY sites!

I found a great tutorial for it over at The Handmade Home to make your own letters cut out of MDF. Now I don't own a jigsaw, a circular saw or a projector, but we'll see if my Dad would be willing to help out!

This project does seem time consuming, especially for the newbie DIYer (like moi), but it might also save money. So do we save money to spend time or save time and spend money? I guess it depends on what my local guy says since that wouldn't involve exorbitant shipping costs!!

I'll let you know what I decide!

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