Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dream homes - Montreal

If money were no object, what dream home would you buy?

I took at look at Sotheby's retail section for Canada, and some of these places are pretty nice, and the price tag matches! There is one awesome mansion in Ile-Bizard in Montreal, it is so spectacular!

Take a look at the front and back views:

Nice driveway and beautiful house!

Spectacular back yard

Now to see the inside! Here are a couple of shots, the main staircase ( I assume at least)!


Seriously, isn't that spectacular?!!

The last pic is of the living room (I guess), but check out those windows! This house is so awesome, I need something more intense than an exclamation point!

Wow to those windows!

And while there are more images of a ballroom dining room and a library with a circular staircase (!!!) I can't show them all!

Come back later for another edition of Dream Homes!

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